Wednesday, October 29, 2008

absolutely nutzo...

This week has been absolutely nutzo...! If that is a word. It was alot more stressfull than my first week as a zone leader because now I had to show someone else what to do and make sure it was all done right. Pheww. We had a district leader training meeting on thursday, and zone introductions meeting, then we attended some of the district meetings in the district. Then I showed my companion around the area as we worked all weekend, showed him all the extra things we do as zone leaders at night and throughout the day, went on travels on Monday- attended zone leader council on tuesday. Ran a zone companionship study meeting this morning then had a zone kill ball activity and are now preparing for zone conference on friday! I am definitely going to welcome the week and a half break before we run our zone skills meeting. Its all been going very well though I was very pleased with everything- we recieved a ton of blessings that just helped everything to work out right. But I pretty much had to stop eating to be able to get everything done- I haven't eaten yet today and I think i've been going on one meal a day for a week- sometimes that takes place at 9:30 at night. However we've set a goal to make sure that we are always eating consistnetly so that we can keep up our energy level. And though its been crazy its been a really fun week! Thanks for everything, to answer any questions its super cold 3 degrees celsius and windy - becca's things was awesome and I hope everything goes well this week!

Love Elder Olson

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