Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Amazing new family

Alright! Everything is going well up here- still busy as always. We found an amazing new family that we've been teaching. It is a single mother and four daughters. The Mother Christine is so prepared the first few times we taught her she was reading the scriptures and she told us she felt like she had learned the things we had been teaching her in a previous life and even met one of the members that we brought to the apointments before as well. They came to church and we had a family home evening at our Bishops home and she already feels that the church is true and has had so many prayers answered. We also have a few more people that we are teaching that are coming to church and progressing well.

We our preping our zone skills and interviews meeting for tuesday trying to make it a little new and different- hopefully it goes well. Everything seems different when it feels like it all rests on you. Everything has been really fun though we are incrediblly busy still and my companion and I get along really well so we have alot of fun. Hmm what else is new... I bought a new coat- one that is a little more official missionary looking and I am now looking for either a new pair of shoes or a pair of boots for the winter. Christmas season is just swinging in here because thanksgiving is before halloween so there is nothing but Christmas to look forward too. The other day I was thinking about this really funny story that i was going to share but I forgot it... so nothing exciting yet- really funny things happen almost too often to remember them all because they don't ever stick out. Heres one. I was tracting with my new companion in the dark on thanksgiving weekend in east indian town on one of the Indian festival nights. We came up to this really dark house and we knocked on the door. We didn't think anybody was home so we weren't paying too much attention to the door when from one of the windows we heard this really deep throaty noise... It shocked me so much that I yelled pretty loud and started running away and my companion was speechless and frozen in place. Then we saw this huge nigerian guy open the door with the lowest and deepest laugh I've ever heard- just uncontrollably laughing, Ha ha ha ha. His arms were about as big as my chest. Then he talked for a few minutes about how no matter what he saw he would command it to leave in the name of jesus. We set up an apointment with him the next day and we came back to teach him. We asked him his name and he called his little daughter and asked her , "whats my african name!"- she cutely said she didn't remember and he asked her again, "whats my african name!" and she didn't answer again. Eventually she got sent away to watch t.v. and to make a long story short we never learned his african name. Then right in the middle of the apointment he just interrupted and said, "are you scared?" we casually responded, "no" and we were thinking- (well not until you just said that) then he started going off on how we could get shot at any time or a plane could crash into his house and we could all be dead, by this time we were just really confused so we tried to go back to teaching about families when he asked my companion how soon he wanted to get married- then lectured him for about 10 minutes because he said in 6 months. Before we left we asked him what he did for a living and he kind of avoided the question and just said, " I do my own stuff man" - then judging by a few of that tattoos on his arms we felt that that question would probably be better left unanswered. This kind of thing happens alot... and its always hilarious.

Hope everyone is doing well and I'll hear from you guys next week...

Love Elder Olson.

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