Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New Transfer

Well, I'm e-mailing a little earlier today so I may send this before I read some emails. This week was transfer week so we didn't have our zone activity today so we had a little more time in the morning. My companion went home as expected but my new companion was a surprise, I am training a new zone leader this transfer - named Elder Smith. He is from orem utah, but is a convert to the church. I knew him a little bit because he served near me when I was in Whitby. He is a really good missionary and I am excited for the coming transfer. To be honest though I am kind of nervous about the responsibility. I am definitely going to be praying more. Especially since this is my companions first transfer as a zone leader I am in charge of making sure all the calls, meetings, and travels are going to work out as they should. Its a good thing as a zone leader that your companion is always a solid missionary otherwise the burden would be alot to bear. Oh and they also added another companionship in our zone, they opened one of the areas that have been closed since even before I was here and they put a threesome companionship in it. And the area that they oppened last transfer now has a threesome hermanas companionship. So in 2 transfers our zone increased by 6 missionaries and just this last transfer it increased by 4! So there is going to be alot of new things going on. So thank you for your prayers and please continue to pray for me. It ill all work out very well though its going to be a big learning experience.
The Baptism that we were planning on last week didn't go through because our Investigator Naveen, was experiencing opposition from his wife who told him he could not be baptized, however we have talked to him about it and we will hopefully going to be able to sit down with both of them and talk to her about it. Other than that issue he has already passed his interview and is comletely ready for baptism.
Oh! And I got the package, thank you so much. It was awesome. I love getting all the halloween stuff I already sprayed my companion with the silly string. The backpack was really good as well. It is very nice thanks for that too. I'm still keeping my old one but I like this one alot. You know how its hard for me to like new things sometimes... but I liked this one immediately and its perfect for what I need. It's a lifesaver. The candle holders were awesome as well as everything else and all the other supplies, especially the cookies! But if I don't hear from anyone else before my time is out I hope everything is going well and that I'll be able to talk to you soon.

Love Elder Olson.

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