Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Busiest week of my life...

This has been the busiest week of my life... we've planned and gone on a temple trip, a multi-zone activity, done a zone skills meeting ( a miny zone conference with just our zone and the mission president that we completely plan and execute) we've been going on more travels this week and we've been planning 2-3 baptisms, to hellp ward members and for our own investigators, and moved an Hermanas companionship into their new apartment. The phone never stops ringing and inbetween all of that there is still the missionary work that we are always doing. Last night the phone rang constantly throught the day and then I got home after doing a baptismal interview for our investigator Sapna- and I quickly planned the day and spent 9:30 - 10:30 just talking to missionaries on the phone to organize everything that was going on. And we've been waking up early almost every day to give us more time to get everything done. We are definitely going to try to find time for a nap today even if its just 10 minutes. But its also been a great week, we've seen so many good things happen and our zone skills meeting went really well. It basically consists of my companion and I running roleplays and speaking for an hour and a half. It actually turned out pretty well- but now we get a break from meetings until next transfer when we start again.

Our investigator Sapna is doing really well she is ready to be baptized but we had to move her date back from this sunday to the next just because her family wasn't going to be able to come. (it just makes it so much more effective when the members of the church help us at every stage in the teaching, they have helped us so much.) She has definitely been a blessing to teach her.

Thanks for the package and for all the e-mails from everyone I can't wait to get all that halloween stuff that zach told me about=. I love and miss you all.

Love Elder Olson.

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