Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Good News!

Good news! We have a baptism coming up on Sunday. One of our investigators from India Sapna is getting baptized! Its gonna be great her family is pretty much running the whole service and her cousin is going to baptize her. The only thing my companion and I are doing is the musical number, can you imagine me doing a musical number, SHOCKING! I'm not really sure what they were thinking when they asked me to do that but...
Our other Indian investigator, Naveen, finally quit drinking tea and hopefully he will be baptized next sunday- its going to be really good for him. He just recently lost his job because of all the economic troubles that are going on there were alot of job cuts in the auto industry this month. He really needs some prayers because he has 1 or two kids in university right now and one applying to go. He is such a good man, its amazing to see what a difference the gospel has made in his life even in the time that I've been teaching him.
Other than that the transfer is coming to an end- it will be interesting to see what happens this coming transfer- they are probably going to put another companionship in our zone, giving us a total of 9 companionships and a few senior couples, which would make us one of the larger zones in the mission. I will also be getting a new companion because mine is going home/dieing (in the missionary sense). For the last 6 months or so I've gone from killing a companion to training a new one to killing another one. I kind of just want to be put with someone right in the middle of their mission or at least with 6 months left, but in the end it doesn't really matter the work will be the same.
The new transfer is going to be really exciting- its the transfer that we get together with all the zone leaders and district leaders in the mission and make the yearly Mission Mission plan- where we set our yearly goals and make new standards of excellence for the mission.
So far I've just kind of gotten used to being in all of my areas for a long time so I don't want to get moved out before I'm here for six months. Especially this time with Christmas coming up. So i'll probably be here for another 2 transfers and then get sent to another zone. Unless something crazy happens.
This week we got invited to one of our Members birthday parties. It was a member from Ghana that after we found her 2 months ago she just started coming back to church the last 3 weeks. Her family and friends are all from Ghana and so one are way back from one of the church buildings in the zone this morning we stopped off and bought some Ghanian shirts, really bright and authentic Ghanian style. The african ladies in the store were so excited to see us buying the shirts it was great. Were still not sure how we are going to wear them with our suits but we'll think of something...
Its exciting to hear that Dad is coming home, I just remembered one of my favorite traditions last week because of general conference. Going out to eat before priesthood session! Anyway- this weekend is Canadian thanksgiving and we already have 3 dinner invitations for the weekend. Its also getting cold up here, this winter I am definitely going to buy a new coat and some boots. Last year I don't think my feet were ever warm from january to april. This winter I'll be more prepared, hopefully...! Oh and today I am going to be sending some picture cards! because both my cards have been full for months... there will be alot of pictures.

Love Elder Olson...

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