Wednesday, October 15, 2008

0 time to write...

Hey! Ireally have about 0 time to write this so i'll just be really quick. The baptism went well on Sunday and Sapna was baptized. We have another one coming up this sunday, the 50 yr old man named Naveen. He is telling his family of his decision right now and so if you could keep him in your prayers that would be fantastic. Transfers are this week on monday its going to be another crazy transfer where I have absoloutely no clue what will happen. Its exciting to hear that dads home, zach got a job, becca's gonna be on t.v. and of course mom is already planning all of next summers trips. (!!) The next transfer starts on monday and the mission usually lasts about 2 years and one week from mtc arrival date, to answer your question. Other than that everything is going really well and I'll be writing much more next week.

Love Elder Olson!

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