Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas and birthday and everything else!

Hey!! Its been a bit since I've done any e-mail! Last week every library in Toronto was closed for boxing day and then our preparation day was moved again because of new years (and by the way next week our preparation day will be on thurday because we are taking our zone to the temple). Life is good in toronto - we are just having a blast with the zone - we had a zone companionship study and volley ball activity this morning. Everyone is so fired up at the beginning of the transfer we set a goal to be a zion zone- we wanted to be totally unified and personally consecrated and we have seen so many miracles. The whole zone is doing amazing right now we have over 30 baptismal dates which is a record I think for the mission for along time- definitely for the zone. There is one companionship that at the beginning of the transfer seemed like it was going to be the biggest problem- they worked it out and right now they have 13 baptismal dates! This kind of thing is probably only exciting to me. We've just been amazingly blessed we have so many good missionaries right now. Its kind of reflecting the mission as a whole though we were going a little down hill for the last few months but President Eyre really pushed us with our new mission mission plan and a few other things and now the whole mission is getting back into what it was like in the ctem glory days! PHeww...

Anyway I did get the birthday and christmas package you sent me a few days ago and thank you so much for all the gifts- Mom and dad for the chess board (awesome!) and the thermals, 180's (really usefull) the mini ping pong and the sweater vest! Dad for really nice japanesse day planner. Grandma and Grandpa olson for the money, Mormon tab. Christmas cd and the really nice tie! Grandma and Granpa warner for the shirt and Green tie! Lindsey for the great home knit scarf and hat (i'm wearing the scarf right now) and Becca and Zach for the 3 very cool ties (i'm wearing the green one right now). Just in case I don't have time to write personall thank you notes! Thanks for everything it really made christmas and my birthday fun, oh and the snickerdoodles, delicious.

Well this week should be another fun one we are coming down to the end of the transfer and I've been in my area for about 6 months. I really hope that they don't transfer me... I love this area and the whole zone. But wherever the lord wants me to be.

Love you all!
Elder Olson

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