Saturday, January 31, 2009

A little late...

Sorry I am a little late this week. Only had a few seconds to check e-mail on Wednesday. Here is the good news I made it through the crazy first 3 weeks of the transfer! We had new missionary orientation, zone leader's council, and 3 zone conferences. Our zone conferences are a little different than they are in other missions they are really multi-zone conferences with 2-3 zones and we put the meeting together with President Eyre. So we do one group of zones then the next day we do another group and (thursday and friday) and then one the next tuesday, and then we go on travels before and after each conference. I was really tired after the last zone conference in the country then we had a 6 hour drive back into toronto because of snow... So now we are doing other assignments and going on travels whenever possible with missionary companionships. Its so different being an assistant- President Eyre is a really successful in business so he knows how to delegate. We just get assignments for example I want you to figure our how to display parts of at a zone conference. Just simple statements and then we just have to figure out how to do it and all the details. Like this morning we had to figure out and create a poster for a fireside with Richard and Linda Eyre on parenting from some pdf of an old poster. While we are organizing handing our $6000 worth of bus passes to all the missionaries and finding a new apartment to move one of my companions (hes going back to the field to train for his last few weeks). And a ton of other stuff (delivering a microwave). Life is very good, I am learning a ton about setting up sound systems, and wireless microphones, writing talks and presentations, and using photoshop and sound editing software. Anyway its definitely an adjustment, I am definitely feeling withdrawals from not going out and proselyting all day. Now that all of the meetings for the transfer are over we will have some time to proselyte almost every single day! I hope that answers some of the questions. Thats just about it I hope everyone is doing really well and I'll talk to you next week!

Love Elder Olson

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