Thursday, January 8, 2009

Some Changes.

Hey how is everyone doing? This last week I've just been excited to be able to kind of get back into the flow of things after the holidays. Christmas is both good for missionary work and disruptive to it. It can through missionaries off a little bit and it can really mess with the schedules of members and investigators. But we are teaching a couple of new families right now a lady named veronica and her 12yr old daughter and 10 yr.old son. A really nice family. And a guy named Jason who has two kids. a few other people as well all pretty new investigators so no really big developments yet. Its still pretty cold up here and we got some more snow yesterday - in Toronto you can never get away from the salt. They don't usually even plow they just salt the roads so your boots and your pant cuffs get consistently covered in salt stains! It get get pretty frustrating. I guess the only really new thing is that I got transfered again. This time i'm going to the office - so anything you send I can just pick it up there at the Don Mills address- i'll be there every day almost. President Eyre called me yesterday to be one of his assistants. my new companion is picking me up tonight so that we can go into the office for tomorrow morning's transfer meeting. I'm pretty nervous right now as you can imagine. It's kind of funny because i'm not supposed to tell anyone in the mission until we make transfer calls Sun. and Mon. night so only my current companion knows so I don't really have anyone to talk to about it so the nervousness isn't going away. Thats going to be a new experience - every time I get comfortable I get moved! I'm not really sure when I'll be e-mailing from now on i'll know more next week sometime but from what I gather it is just going to be at random intervals in the week. Life as an assistant isn't like normal missionary life it will definitely be an adjustment. My new companion is a really good guy. His name is E. Nelson hes from utah, not sure where. He has 3 transfers left and I have 4 so we'll probably be companions for awhile. Umm other than that we went to the temple today which was a blast... hmmm... I don't know what else thats pretty much it... looking forward to hear from you next week. I'm probably just going to go shine my shoes!

Love Elder Olson.

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