Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Crazy Week

OK, since I last wrote e-mail life has been crazy, a busy kind of good crazy but crazy none the less. So I got the call from president on Wednesday while I was on travels with another companionship. We continued the travel for that day and the next morning we really didn't have a preparation day because we were taking the zone to the temple so most of the day was spent doing that. The time I had left before we went out to proselyte I spent packing a two day overnight bag. After proselyting until 9PM I got picked up and went into Don Mills went to what is now my apartment and the next day we had transfer meeting and did other work and I got acquainted with life as an assistant. We had our Saturday morning meeting with President Eyre and then we continued to work on transfers until Saturday around 6:00 (along with a few other things). Then I went back to my area for that evening said goodbye at church the next day and left right after church to come back to Don Mills. We ran a Mission President's fireside that night and then worked like crazy to get all the travel plans for all the missionaries being transferred across the whole mission (a pretty tough problem working out buses and rides and times and the transfer van) so they would be ready to give to the missionaries when we gave them their transfer calls on Monday night. We worked on that as well as our normal Monday morning meeting with president and a few other pretty big problems that came up across the mission. We ended up putting together the transfer plans all the way up until right at 9:00 when we started making transfer calls. (It was weird to be on the other side of the phone!) The next day we prepared the new missionary orientation looked for new apartments for the 3 new areas we are opening this transfer, went to the airport to pick up the new missionaries, who were late. Then we delivered the transfer vans to the senior couples that were driving them and dealt with all the problems that came up in between. We get in the apartment every night at 10:30 at the earliest and get up at 6:25 at the very latest (once so far). This morning we got up prepared the missionary orientation meeting, had the new missionary orientation meeting (I conduct all the meetings this transfer because I am the new assistant) and here we are. Finally got a little moment to write an e-mail, which we just do whenever there is a minute to do it and try not to do a total of more than 1 hour a week. It’s been pretty fun though. My new companions are Elder Clayton and E. Nelson. E Clayton goes home this transfer and E. Nelson one before me. The usual thing is that the assistants stay in the office until they go home. But in the past during my mission there haven’t been any assistants called with 6 months left except for (My two companions and I who all were) so I will probably be an assistant for the rest of my mission or go back to the field for my last transfer. So that’s all the news so far, a pretty long e-mail. Now we are starting to work on Zone leader’s council and zone conference. We have zone leader’s council and 2 zone conferences (which we prepare) next week. --The two tickets I have the speeding ticket I was pulled over and is legitimate (I’m sorry) the other one was because apparently we didn’t have the ownership in the glove compartment which I don’t really control so I am going to see about getting the mission to reimburse that one. I paid the $120 (#4862-999-00-89544731-00) one but it wouldn’t let me pay the other one. I meant to pay with my home card but I accidentally paid with my mission card so I’m going to pay for my mission stuff with my home card until I Hit 120. If you want to reimburse me then… if not I did speed so it’s really my fault.-- Sounds like everything is going well at home! Keep me updated. Love you all so much!
Love Elder Olson.

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