Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ho! I moved...

Transfer calls came I got moved, and guess what I'm going to the city, a placed called Etobicko. Its on the west end of Toronto near the rough areas but in them... I think. Its going to be a completely different feel out here, I am really excited I haven't even had a chance to get to my area yet I'm just in the office writing quickly before we head out to my new area. My new companion is an Elder named Elder Litchfield from alberta. And he will be training in my new calling as a zone leader. Its a really humbling call. The zone that they are sending me to - the weston zone- had 18 baptisms last transfer i think that might be a mission record, and it is a smaller zone. So I'll be working extra hard to try and help it to keep on going. We have some amazing missionaries there - i think there are about 16 in the zone- and one of the district leaders I am working with is one of my favorite former companions - Elder Earnhardt. Its going to be an amazing transfer. We have a set of sister missionaries that are leading the mission each week in almost every area. So i'll be needing your prayers for sure.

Its sounds like everythings is going well, good luck on all of your trips and keep me posted ! I liked hearing all the news . Keep in touch and hopefully I answered a few questions - yes grandma I'm probably still liberal(!) - and my favorite scripture master game is the one where you throw the balls! monster ball.

Love Elder Olson

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