Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Still Moving....

This week we had our first Zone Conference with the new Mission President, president Eyre. He and his wife were really charitable humble people, so excited to be there and ready to work. They are both really tall, about 6' 4" and 6' 2". He used to be a venture capitalist and infact he had to find someone to take over his buisness in a rush when he was called to be a mission president.

So far things have been really good out here. My new companion is already becoming a really good missionary, always working hard and not afraid to talk to everyone. And the best part is that he really enjoys cooking, so I get some good meals cooked.

Our family that we are working with the Chen family, is still doing really well- although the parents still cannot come to church because of work- the children have come for the past two weeks and are really enjoying it and both have baptismal dates for the 23rd of July.

For some reason this week I have started to feel like this might be my last transfer in Whitby, they closed down the north apartment so I don't think that they will be splitting the areas within the next few transfers. Its kind of interesting because I am becoming and older missionary but I have still only served in two areas.

We've been biking it alot this transfer, we kind of ran out of kilometers a little bit last month so we were just biking it everywhere. The first time i took E. Purnell out on the bikes we were cruising down a hill and I came up onto the sidewalk at one of the exits to a gas station. When I looked back to see if my companion was following me i saw him cruise down and when he pulled up onto the sidewalk his back tire slid out and he went down on the edge of the street. I was thinking, " Oh no, they gave me a greeny and I killed him on the first day!" He turned out to be alright though he scraped a hole in one of his suits, good thing it was an older one. Now he avoids the sidewalk like the plague.

Thats pretty much all the news from Toronto, things are going forward at a rapid pace- hope everyone has fun at the wedding soon and with all the other summer activities, beach trips and golfing...

Love Elder Josh Olson.

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