Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pheww! Quick week.

This week flew by- we have been so busy that I haven't had time even to think. I've been trying to learn the new area and all the companionships in the zone and all the new things I have to do- its been a little crazy, but its been great. The last two areas that I was in were country zones so I didn't see too many members of the zone very often- we were just too far away. Out here we see them all the time. I'm am still in an area with a car- but every single other area in the zone is a bussing area- so When I go on travels next week it will be my first experience contacting and riding on the bus- which is notorious in the mission. My zone is called weston zone and it is notorious because it covers the roughest part of Toronto. The most infamous intersection in toronto is in the sisters area- a place called Jane and Finch- thats the most famous but apparently a few of the appartment buildings in our area are as rough or more... but really its a pretty safe place.

Our zone has a bunch of good missionaries in it we have 3 spanish speaking companionships and 4 english companionships including ourselves. We have seen alot of success already- we have about 13 baptismal dates in the zone with a goal of 16 by the end of the week that we will achieve. We had zone leaders council yesterday and our zone conference on friday- so its been a hectic week. As for the baptism it went really well thank you for all your prayers- the family was confirmed this week and they are doing really well. It was my first time actually doing the baptizing so it was pretty exciting. They are a really good family and the parents are progressing well they just need a little more time.

The city work is alot different- we live in a basement apartment and we aren't downtown so there are alot of houses mixed in with the high rises- our are covers the airport but we don't go there. Especially in one part of our area the work is pretty different- we cover a place called malton which is just north of Toronto's big airport its a little more poor and the west side only has indian people and the east side only has jamaican people. The indian people are also mostly Sikhs which is a newer religion that is kind of like a mix between hinduism and islam. You can always recognize them because they always wear 5 things... a braclet on the left wrist, a turban, a ceremonial dagger, hindu looking pants and long hair with beard. And if you go to a Sikh temple they will always give you a free meal.

I hope everything goes well with all the vacations and the relazing - today was the first time i played golf since my mission began that was really exciting we also had a zone sports activity so I'm pretty exhausted. Hopefully i answered most of your questions I'll have to write more next week! Keep me up to date and it was great to hear from you!

Love Elder Olson.

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