Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Real quick!

Sorry this one will have to be really quick because my first one got erased!

Its going really well in Whitby! the Chen family is still doing well and the 17 yr old and 12 yr old just had there interviews and are still excited for their baptism this saturday. Which there mother will be able to come to- the first time that either of the parents have been able to make it to the church because of their work schedules.

I read the letters from zach and they were really good, it made me really happy to see how well he is doing! I'm excited to see him come home even though I won't be there, oh well I'll make it eventually.

Next week I'll know wether I'm staying or going so thats exciting- and I'll just go buy another backpack. Also remind me to tell you about an egg I ate the other day called balut ( or baloot) not sure of the spelling. Anyways I'll give you two clues(fetal duck).

Love Elder Olson.

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