Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A little longer this week...

We are still going strong up here. I don't really need anything at the moment except for maybe one thing- the zipper has finally completely given out on my backpack it only holds together at the place where the zipper actually is. I know its very sad, its been completely broken for probably about a month but I've been in denial so I haven't written yet to ask you to send me a replacement. I've just been using it kind of hoping that one morning I'd just wake up and it would be fixed. I don't remember what my north face backpack looks like but I'm pretty sure its missionary appropriate. So if its not too difficult maybe you could mail that one too me and if not I'll just look around for one up here. Transfers are coming up on the 27th so it probably be better to send it to the mission office. This was my favorite backpack so it was kind of heartwrenching- I think i've been using it for about 6 years. So if I can't get it fixed I'll probably have it cremated.

Other than that everything is amazing. Our chinese investigators the Chen family is still going strong, the whole family is still doing really well. The two kids are excited for their baptisms on the 26th of July, and there parents have already told us that they will be baptized as soon as they can get work off on sundays. The 17 year old daughter is actually going to girls camp this week and gets along really well with all the youth. So if you could pray that they will make it to their baptisms that would really help. There names are Tanya (17) and Wai Shu(12), its pronounced "way shoe" and the parents are Tony and Jennifer. All the people in the family picked english names except for Wai Shu- he just didn't want one.

We also had alot of progress with our investigator Susan- we had an amazing miracle with her. We hadn't seen her for about two weeks and we came by just to see what was going on- she just told us about how busy she had been and how it had been hard because she was the only one in her family that was really interested in the gospel, her husband and kids are really friendly and her daughter will come to church but they just aren't interested yet. We talked about it for a while and we started teaching her again. A few days later we were in a completely different part of town and saw some people way down the street. We ran to talk to them and they weren't interested but when we turned around we saw this really old african lady walking on the sidewalk. Old people are not usually the most receptive people in the world, often times they are grumpy and they are always old. We found out she was actually from the west indies, she was 98 and had had 16 children. We invited her to church she wanted to come, she said that her grandaughter had been there. We weren't sure if she really new what she was talking about but then she told us about all the missionaries she had seen in Barabados. We set up an apointment to come over on thursday. Yesterday we had an apointment with susan and when we got there she was there as well. It turned out that Susan was been her grandaughter. So they are both coming to church this week along with susans thirteen year old daughter- a 4 generation spread of the vanderpool family.

Are investigators are doing well and we have a bunch of other new people who are kind of hanging around waiting to show their potential.

Sounds like everyone had a good week- the pictures were great everyone looks the same except for Becca she looks a little older than I remember! Ah, Scary! I love you all.

Love Elder Olson.

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