Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I got everything ...

I got everything you sent me, the short sleeve shirts came last wednesday and they fit really well. And this morning I got the leather bound infinite atonement. Thanks for sending that stuff up to me. It all came just in time, our last interview with president Callister is next week and this week i just saw the forcast and friday is going to be about 32 degrees.

The work is really picking up right now. We are still teaching susan, who may still make her baptismal date on the fifteenth, but if not it will be soon after that. The only reason her and her daughter didn't come to church this week is because they had a wedding. We had kind of a funny situation with her. We work really hard with all of our investigators to help them find what we call "real member friends" or someone that they get along with who they can ask questions when we aren't there and who can help them easy the transition into coming to church. We took Sis. Bailey, who we live with to appointments a few times and they got along really well and they both wanted to start running this summer they started to run together. We were so excited we were thinking man now she has a good friend in the ward and we have daily contact with her and shes coming to church awesome! But then something completely unexpected happened. They started running together every day so much so that we couldn't daily contact her any more and we didn't even see her for a week! Backfired! But then the way was prepared and she started taking the train home from toronto so that now everything works out and we can teach her again.

It was good to hear from everyone this week thanks for the e-mails and packages. My companion and I taught seminary this week and they invited us to their seminary breakfast on friday morning! And I haven't had time to golf either...

Love Elder Josh

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