Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Real quick !!!

I don't have alot of time this week, but everything is going really well up here. We are seeing so many miracles on a daily basis. We found this chinese family last week, we have been teaching them for almost a week. The parents don't speak english so we teach them through the translation of the daughter or of cantonese speaking members that we bring over. They are so nice they give us these huge chinese bottled waters every time we come over called, Ganten or something. They are shaped like a tube. It was good to hear from everybody, sounds like everyone is doing well- and to answer your question a am still district leader and training at the same time. We are still teaching Susan, she is reads and will be coming to church consistently she just need to feel a spiritual confirmation. My new companion is from a town called kelowna and he loves to cook, so thats the best kind of companion to have really , one that likes to cook! We get a new mission president this week so were pretty excited to see how things work.

love Elder Josh Olson

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