Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Baseball Game!

I'm writing early today because all the missionaries serving in and around

toronto can go to the afternoon blue jays game. So we had to get up early so we

could catch the go-train (kind of like the metro). This week has been pretty

crazy, it coming down to the last week or two of my companions mission and this

transfer is almost over. It will be interesting to see who they give me and what

will happen to the area. We are getting 19 new missionaries this transfer but

another really large group is leaving so its completely up in the air... its

kind of wierd right now, the last group of people who I thought of as old

missionaries is going home so now its just full of young guys like me. Oh, and I

got the infinite atonement signed by president Callister!

I had a funny experience on sunday, we had one of the members of the toronto

temple presidency speak in our ward on sunday and after church I said hello to

him and he came over and said, "Elder Olson, are you a scriptorian?" and then

when i told him I wasn't he jokingly said, "thats alright you can repent and

change!" Then he gave me some of his favorite scriptures that talked about

missionary work. Later that day we saw him at a members home and when we were

leaving he told me that when I got married if it was in toronto or new zealand

[where hes from] he would seal my wife and I. That was the first time anyone had

ever offered that and it kind of scared me. Especially when it seems like I get

a wedding announcement every week- I actually have gotten more wedding

anouncements in the last few months than letters. But, anyways thats quite a few

years away yet.

We had a really good week this week, we found an awesome new lady who really wants

to come to church and was talking all about how she had always wanted to be

baptized, so she said she would be baptized in a month.

Sorry i can't respond to your e-mails this week because I got in so early! Sorry

I haven't sent pictures in awhile- I am still taking pictures. I was going to

send a letter and my camera cards- but I needed the cards back quickly. I tried

to send everything express but it turned out to be pretty expensive, so I just

ended up sending the letter, but I'll send the cards this week sometime they are

getting pretty full.

Hope your all well,

Love Elder Olson.

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