Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Whoo Hoo!

   We had a sweet week at church this week (that sentence sounds a little funny).
President Monson came to Toronto with Elder Ballard, because they both served as
mission president here. They spoke at a canadian wide broadcast of the Brampton
stake conference (its in the west mission where the temple is just outside of
toronto city). Although we didn't see them personally we got to see them speak
over the broadcast. We also had a bunch of investigators come to church that
week. Including Susan and her daughter- Shalaya for the first time. They are
doing amazing her first time at church she got to see the prophet speak and next
sunday is going to be testimony meeting! (Whitby always has good testimony
meetings and hardly anything crazy happens.) I really think she is going to make
it to her baptism on the fifteenth, she has made some really good friends in the
ward from us bringing them to apointments- last night she went out running with
the bishops wife. We also had an old investigator from when Elder Brennan, my
fist companion, was in whitby (he was actually trained there). He is kind of
married to a member though they are getting a divorce- he has a strong testimony
of the church and used to come almost every week but hadn't come in over a year
because he has a few issues that he hasn't been able to overcome.
The work is going really well up here. I'm glad to here that everyone at home
had an awesome camping trip- i'm jealous I remember how fun it was climbing up
those waterfalls! I can't believe it was a year since we were there last time.
I hope your planning one for next year, maybe just a month later next time...
Gas prices up here are just under $1.30 a liter so thats almost 5 dollars a
gallon. We get to drive about 1800 kilometers a month which isn't too bad- if
plan we can stay under that pretty easily- being in the car is annoying anyways
you get sleepy and I have gotten pretty bored of driving everywhere for the last
6 months.
I'm sending pictues down this week- there are a bunch of good ones- and i haven't
yet recieved the shirts or the book but I think they'll probably come in the next
few days.

Love Elder Olson (josh).

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