Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I heard BYU won! (someone gave us the news the day of the game and then Lindsey gave me the game report today-THANKS!-). We had another missionary with us for the day of the game and he sported his BYU scarf all day in solidarity and made sure that no one was wearing a red tie. I think I recognized only one name in the game report, Collie, did he play last season?
Anyways things are going really well up here in Canada. Our investigator Laura is progressing really well though she will have to be baptized in the other branch that attends our building because she technically lives in our are (I'm still gonna count her as mine). We also have a few other people that are doing really. In other news they are going to split the area that I am in into two areas. So we are looking for an apartment for 2 new missionaries to live in. So it is possible that I will get another companion by dec. 6 if they decide to split my companion and I up because we both know the area. It is possible that they will keep us together and just whitewash half of the area but its not very likely.
In other news as of yesterday I have been a missionary for 5 months. On my birthday I will have been out for a quarter of my mission already, the time really flies - funny how I went into the mtc on my half birthday.
Lindsey- it sounds like your suffering from an extreme and prolonged case of senioritis. Its not as if you don't have enough distractions as it is (football season). Just push through it. And thanks for the letters from fhe with the warners. They always pretty fun I'll. I'll have to write back soon. I got one a long time ago and then I just got the last two in one week.
Hows it going back home in Virginia? Can't wait to here from you and I'm writing more about what I'm doing in my letter. Nice to hear that things have quited down. Thanks for sending my hat!
Love Josh.

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