Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I get the most stressfull emails. Its a really good thing that i can only check e-mail once a week. If I had read the e-mail about zach's crash and then didn't get to find out all that happened for about another week I might have keeled over. So for future reference, if something crazy happens on tuesday night that could possibly resolved, use your judgement but maybe don't send it to me. Its really comforting to get the problem email and the resoloution email all in one go. (I might start reading my email backwards.) But I do appreciate the emergency emails, just be carefull.
When I read the first one Zach hitting his head the first thought that came into my head was "Oh no! I killed Zach!" Its good to find out hes still alive and that his head was only messed up a little bit (what does it mean his short term memory is almost back?). Anyway thats a pretty good story especiallly the part about asking the same questions over again. I especially like this one... "Is my bike ok?" "probably not" "Is my bike ok?" "maybe" Is my bike ok?" "its fine" "good as long as my bike is ok" hmmm... "Is my brain ok?" "Probably not the only thing you keep asking me about is your stinkin bike!" ... that made me laugh so hard the lady sitting at the computer next to me got up and left. Good story, the pictures were awesome... but zach man be careful you need to stay alive until I get back.
I did get my winter coat in the mail, thanks!, and it is getting kind of cold up here. Its hitting 0 celsius every morning so only about 32 degrees f. I did buy myself a pair of gloves today because its been pretty cold tracting ( I got some mitten ones that pull off into fingerless gloves so that you can still write- they're perfect for missionaries).
This has been an interesting transfer my companion is a different guy, he spent alot of his mission in around toronto and he likes to tell me about it every day. This is probably one of those stories I really shouldn't write home about but it was pretty funny. Yesterday we were knocking on a door and he said something about how different "the city" was from "the country" and so I promptly turned around and gave him a little punch in the chest and he fell off the front step. It wasn't hard or anything just a little reminder. I felt alot better after that I had never really thought about punching your companion before, I probably won't do it again. We get along fine though- I just heard yesterday that if you stay with a companion for 3 transfers (4 1/2 months) you will actually be physically with them for the same amount of time as a couple in their first year of marriage. Sorry again about not writing letters last week but I just bought stamps today and I got the letter from Mom and zach this week so I'll be writing everyone and lindsey I'm still getting the package together, sorry belated birthday face, dad have fun in virginia beach, and Miss Becca...ladybugs.

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