Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A little change...

I wrote last time that they are going to split the area that I've been in so far for my entire mission. Well we just found out that that is going to happen- they are also splitting up Elder Hinkle and I and I will be having a new companion named Elder Hatch for the last 3 weeks if this transfer and probably for the next transfer as well. Elder Hatch came into the mission one transfer after me so they will be making me senior companion this transfer after all. Not only that but the are that I'm going to be in has a little less than half of the the main area that I have worked in before as well as the entire northern area that missionaries rarely go to so I get the good car and we are basiclly going to be opening up a huge unworked area though we are still holding on to a little bit of Kingston. We also got a brand new apartment which I'll be moving into on friday. It is a little sad because I'm going to miss the little dinky place that I've been living in since I came to Canada. Also I'm pretty sure that my new companion Elder Hatch is actually Orrin Hatch's grandson - yah the senator - though I haven't had the chance to ask him personally yet. So i'm really still digesting that news but it looks like fun times on the horizon. So although I'm still in the same brach and am partly working the same area I have always done everything else has changed. Mid- transfer splits are pretty rare so we'll see what happens. The work is going really well we might have to push back our upcoming baptism till after Christmas because Laura's mom probably won't be able to make it back in time. We are also teaching a couple of really cool new people that I'll have to write about. One is this really hilarious guy named Andrew- hes got sweet dreads and a beard - he spends his free time planting trees, snowboarding, and doing yoga - and as far as I can tell doesn't change his clothes that often. He just wears one of those south american poncho things Becca, zach, and I bought and some crazy looking pants and he loves praying and learning about the gospel. I'll have to write more in letters.

- Love Josh

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