Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Real quick...

It was good to hear from you again this week. Transfer day will be next wednesday, I believe it is the 21st. I'll find out on that monday whats happening. By the way is there any more news on Zach's head I wasn't sure after last week if he was fully recovered yet or not. Well trust me I have already wrote a letter this week but I've been saving it because I am also sending pictures so this won't be all you get this week, I hope your all doing well. Sounds like it was an interesting trip to Virginia Beach, its really tought to be sick and work at the same time. I started taking a multi-vitamin and a vitamin c pill every morning because for a couple months I had this head cold flu thing that wouldn't go away and I really don't want it to come back. It must have been nice to see Brody, he was always a really fun guy. Manassas is on mandatory water restrictions? Does that mean just watering grass or everything showers included? How warm is it in manassas right now? Its kind of fluctuating up here I thought it was going to hang around 0 degress, and it did for a week but its already up to 14 today so its pretty nice out. I'm not really sure since I don't watch the weather but someone told me we were supposed to have a pretty cold winter up here, I guess I'll find out eventually. Hope you guys have a good week, keep keeping me updated its surprisingly interesting to read about all the stuff that you guys are doing.
Love Josh.

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