Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Still Here...

Transfers came this week but I'm still here. It turned out to be probably a 50/50 chance fo me leaving. President asked me if I wanted to leave and I told him I didn't care either way but would like to stay one more just to be able to see one of the people I have been teaching baptized. He also said he thought that I was ready to be senior companion but that it just might not work out. So its pretty much the same as last transfer except now my companion is the district leader. The next transfer should be the end of december. The only other change is that the Zone leaders that also work in Kingston are now in a threesome companionship so one of them is going to be with us in our area about every week and sometimes for about three days at a time. I'm looking forward to that because he is really easy to get along with and has been a zone leader for over a year, so I will be able to learn alot.
We set a really solid baptismal date with our investigator Laura, the 20 yr old. We've been teaching her the entire time that I've been here and she is finally decided to be baptized, although she has been ready for about 2 months. That should be around the 23rd of december.
Its getting pretty cold up here, I can't believe its only 60 in virginia. I can't remember really how cold it gets in january and february back home. Out here it apparentlly the daytime temperature bottoms at around negative 30 celsius which is really close to - 30 farenheit. They also say that occasionally with windchill it will get to -40 (which is the same as -40 degress farenheit). So I'm looking for some warm socks, which reminds me if its not too much trouble to look for my gray beanie (they call them tukes up here - or tooks- either way it rhymes with pukes) and send that up in the next package. I'm using a black one I found but I look alot like a burglar.
It sounds like everyone is doing well down there and in Utah. I will be writing again this week, which is my new goal - to remember to write. I may actually get 2 american thanksgiving dinners this week, which is funny because we didn't get any canadian dinners. Oh by the way did you know that generally words like "center" are written "centre" up here? It took me about 5 months to figure that out. Sometimes I forget I'm in a different country.
Love Josh (Elder Olson)

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