Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Flat tire...

This is going to have to be really quick... crazy day today again... no transfers but we had an apointment in the morning and on the way we got a flat tire... we put on the spare and went to go teach our apointment afterward we had to take in the tire to get a plug and that took over an hour with an oil change that we needed then we rushed around to get everything done and to take care of a few other necessary chores. The apointment went well we moved our investigator Monica's baptismal date forward a week because she is ready. So hopefully that will be on the fourteenth. Lets see... other questions last year I got a yo-yo-ma cd and a chopin cd- tire colors... I like orange - blue - green - anything really- the color isn't as important as the style...c ool ties are always cool. Hmmm... My companionship is still the same, E. smith is my companion hes been out for about 14 months- the zone got changed around alot... I think the missionaries in our mission kind of had a problem with idleness this last transfer so every single companionship in the mission got changed (one or both companions were transferred) except for 5 companionships. The changes in our zone were all good. We quite a few problem companionships last transfer but the changes will help alot. We for the third transfer in a row have a companionship whitewashing in our zone- not a new on this time but both companions got moved. We are really excited for the coming transfer it is going to be really fun and we have alot of baptismal dates in the zone and alot of missionaries are really performing well. Anything else- I bought some boots today- I'm still on search for a watch though... nothing seems to fit in the price range.

We have seen so many blessings in our own area. Monica and the nolan family is doing well. We have found alot of new investigators in the past few days including two sisters that have already committed to baptism and a few people from GHANA! The work is great and I really love it out here... honestly I get the chills when I realize I only have 7 months left- I wish there were more time. Anyway I miss you all and I am going to be sending a package with some stuff in it this year, hopefully it will get there by christmas... If i get it sent off in time.

Love Elder Olson

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