Wednesday, November 26, 2008

re:shoes and boots

Thanks for the Email, I could do better with my shirts... Its hard to find time to do ironing (we are always wearing our jackets and coats) ... but I just asked my companion and he says that I smell ok! My shoes are mostly worn out on the bottom I keep the tops looking good. Thanks for the money to go out and buy some more boots and shoes If I don't use it though because of the other money in my account then I guess don't worry about it. I will hopefully have some time today to grab some stuff if not next week I'll be able to get it done Its transfer week And I don't think my companion or I are going anywhere. Thank you for everything- Its all going really well up here we are teaching an amazing new family named The Nolan family, mostly Monica and her Daughter Christina- but also her 22 year old son Chris and a few of his friends- The mother and daughter are getting baptized for sure on the 21st of Dec. Love you and can't wait to talk to you at Christmas!

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