Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This will be real quick...

Ok, so today my companion hurt his back and so we had to do e-mail a little later in the day than normal becuase we were going to see some physical therapists.

Anyway- we are having a baptism on sunday, our Investigator Monica Nolan is getting baptized she will be the first in her family to be baptized and hopefully her kids will follow later they are having alot of problems right now. However Monica is so excited to be baptized, last week after church I asked her how it went and she said, "Everything that I've been looking for in my life is in this church"- It definitely has been a miracle. Her baptism will be less than a month from the day we first met her. Everything in the zone is going well we discovered a few things that were going on in the zone that we have had to make some special focus on. Its amazing how much being a leader can be like babysitting or problem solving. We had to sit down with a companionship this week and just talk about all the things that were causing them to get frustrated with each other and leave them committments to change and to call us every day to follow up that they were keeping the committments. Almost every day it is something completely new that I've never had to deal with before- as a leader or ever it gets pretty crazy.

But thank you for the e-mails sorry if I can't write more right now but I will for sure will be sending the pictures for this christmas and a few presents, if i can't get all the presents actually by christmas you'lll have to forgive me but trust me I haven't forgotten about everybody.... Love you and I will hopefully talk to you soon! - oh and the only guidline we were given was what the white handbook says and then to be guided by the spirit of the law and to live by the principle and not the letter- so it is up to our own discretion.

Oh and the mission office address is 24 Ferrand Dr. - Don Mills, On m3c 3v4 -- the best place for packages we have frequent travels to there - its only 20 - 30 minutes away no traffic.

Love Elder Olson...

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