Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas List

Hey I've got to be really quick but just a few items of business...

Christmas list... (more details later)...

some stain removing stick
Nice fur-lined Boots that are black and shineable(This is a Hard one i know) Nice shineable black shoes (another hard one I might have to check these two out and then get back to You)
----------------------My last pair a shoes has just about gone kaput and without boots in the winter any pair of shoes no matter how new will get trashed- it happened last winter.---------------- Snicker Doodles!!!
Long Johns!
Anything else cool!
It might be a little rough with the christmas package at the apartment- but it might work- I've never recieved anything big there- office will probably be better they are pretty good at getting them out to this area.
(to be continued)-- (Chello Music cds!!!)

Everything is going well out here its snowing hard for the first time today- its was negative 6 this morning and is pretty much not going over zero any more-- It was good to hear from everybody that no one's work is being threatened by the economy. I have heard a little about proposition eight- nothing big going on up here yet- although toronto is the gay capital of canada- all that I've heard is that the catholic and evangelicals came out on our side after the protests.

I liked the story about the missionaries in zone conference- any analogies or stories like that you hear or could find can be really helpful in brainstorming and planning our meetings.

Not too much else to report but one thing is we found an amazing new investigator- who is totally prepared. We met her yesterday and she already has a firm baptismal date for Dec. 21st.

Love Elder Olson...

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