Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Transfers again...

Transfers are next wendsday again- hopefully I'll be able to get you the postal code by next week- I think that my companion and I will probably stay together this transfer because he will be going home next transfer- and there is almost 0 chance of me moving so... I like that consistency is good. We are busy as anything right now and we have been blessed so much- this last week our companionship lead the mission in almost every category and our zone is continuing to lead as well. We had to move some of our baptisms back but they are all with very solid people they just had a few things that temporarily got in the way. It is crazy to think that Ryan is already getting home from his mission on december-!? He wasn't gone that long before I left! I'm going to try not to think about that. Hmmm... I can't believe everyone is going on a cruise to the mexican riviera in march thats awesome- I'll be shoveling snow every single day and my face will be freezing off... but that will also be fun. Just think of me in -30 degree weather when your on the beach(!) It just started to reduce in heat but its still about 26 degrees regularly so its pretty hot. Its only cool in the mornings when we go out and play tennis. We played with our lebanese investigator the other day- he was number 2 in lebanon about 15 years ago, I learned alot. Ohh I just rememberd another investigator that we just started teaching its a 23 yr old girl from Dehli, India she is the niece of our ward mission leader who also grew up hindu in india. She started coming to church and now we are teaching her she is doing amazing although her english is still alittle week. She knows the language really well but the accents make communication a little difficult. Oh and another family we are teaching are refugees from thailand they also speak little english. At the beginning of my mission I really wanted to be a language speaking missionary- and although I still want to learn a language i've realized that the best thing in the world is to be an english speaking missionary in toronto because we teach everybody- all religions and all parts of the world. For example right now we are teaching people from Ghana, Jamaica, 3 different places in India, Thailand, Lebanon, and a few other places that I can't remember right now- and every once in a while someone who was actually born in Canada, but only every once in a while they are kind of hard to find.
Well I hope that everyone does well in school except for lindsey. Because shes not in school! And I love you all and miss everyone and happy birthday grandpa. I love and miss all of you.

Love Elder Olson.

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