Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First week of the new transfers.

Hey everythings going well up here- both of our hindu investigators are doing amazingly well one a man named naveen should be baptized on the 28th and another a 23 yr old who just moved from india should be baptized on the 5th of october. They are both amazing people and have really been prepared for the gospel. We see them alot and they are always very excited to see us and to come to church. We just had our zone leader council yesterday when the zone leaders and assistants meet with the president and we have a meeting- we set two new standards for the mission ( consistent goals ) one for baptismal dates per companionsip and one for teaching in members homes- the new biggest push in the mission. So that was pretty exciting we have zone conference on friday so we will be doing a workshop there on those two things. The zone is doing good- we had a young zone last transfer and this transfer it is even younger but alot of our youngest missionaries are leading the way- i don't remember if I wrote about this last time but we also got another sisters companionship so we have more sisters in our zone than any other- we have 3 sisters companionships and 4 elders companionships not including us- they are some of the best missionaries in the mission but its a little bit of a compromise for us because it always means alot more work... This transfer is looking really good- we are going to see alot of succes we do really good teaching and finding new people and now we are just working on teaching our missionaries the road to bapism. Other than that things are pretty normal we are pretty much back to suit coats almost every day! And next week I am going to be e-mailing on thursday because our zone is going to the temple that day, my first time since I've been in Canada- its one of those perks of being in the city! Oh, and here is my zip code- or really postal code up here.

M9A 2T3

I am still working on finding time to buy a backpack( shes still broken as usual) and now a watch( mine seems to have a problem keeping good time)- not to mention a few minutes to write a letter- but if you could send me another container of amoxicillin that would be great thanks!
I hope everyone is still doing well. I love and miss you all.

Love Elder Olson.

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