Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Real quick! (again)

Sorry I don't have alot of time to write. It was transfer day today, and neither I nor my companion was moved so we will both stay for another transfer, a few companionships in our zone moved though so we were busy today helping them get moved around and meeting some of the new ones- the beginning of the transfer is where most of the work is we give some new focuses to the zone set goals and get to know new companionships and make sure we start things off on the right foot. So we are really busy but its going to be a good transfer. One thing we are focusing on this transfer is helping our missionary to always be bold. Sorry I don't have a postal code yet i'll get it next week... I still haven't had time to buy a new back pack and winter is coming so its getting a little chilly around... uhmmm thats just about it good luck with school and business trips and the cats!!!

Love Elder Olson.

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