Wednesday, August 27, 2008


This one is going to be a little quicker, we went to a new library this week and for some reason it gave me a really short time to do my e-mail, so after I e-mailed my weekly letter to the president I looked up and had about 10 minutes left to read and to write! This week went really well we had miracle after miracles. I taught more lessons this past week than any week of my mission so far and we have more solid investigators. We are still teaching the muslim man from lebanon who is completely ready from baptism but is just worried about what his wife will think. We are also teaching another really great woman named pauline who had a vision that she was in a deep river and she was trying to get to a green place on the other side but couldn't make it. After we taught her the first time she told us she thought that she had found that place. Our zone as well is doing amazing- we lead the mission in every area except for one and all of our missionaries are fired up and excited. Sorry about the lack of a postal code, I keep forgettting it at the apartment and there is no was to find out once i'm here because postal codes in canada are really, really, really, specific- even to the side of the street apparently(!?) Other than that everything is going really well- I am still trying to find time at all to write some handwritten letters but since I got my new calling I've had even less time than before Love Elder Olson.

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