Wednesday, August 15, 2007


It sounds like you guys have been pretty busy out there with going to wyoming and everybody getting married. Its strange to think about Jeff coming home from his mission, older missionaries keep telling me that it goes by really fast but it still feels like its going to be ages long. This is probably a good thing however because right now my companion is dreading the end of summer (in about 2 weeks) because it means that winter is coming and he'll be going home, so I'll try to enjoy the endless mission feeling while I still can.

I can't believe Bro. Lee is in Iraq that is pretty insane, I kind of thought it was farther away but I guess that means your own trip is coming up pretty soon.

I hope the summer isn't going by to fast. Its been pretty crazy out here now that i've been out a month. It kind of feels like its taken a really long time to get here but it also seems like it just flew by. There are 2 weeks left in my first transfer starting today so we'll see how that goes. You already know how it is but missionary work is kind of shocking at first, you really work ALL day and there are almost no breaks. Its strange to think that it is really relaxing to help someone move for a few hours or clean up there house because it gives you a little break. I have a few letters that i haven't sent yet. I just realized last week that i've been sending letters with U.S. postage... I didn't think about getting Canadian until I actually looked at one of my letters and realized there were little american flags in the corner. Anyway I'm doing really well up here, as the days start to go by faster it is becoming a little less tiresome and I am starting to enjoy it more. Anyway I hope your doing well.
Love josh.

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I hope this letter finds you well. Last weekend we had a quick trip to
Wyo for the family business meetings. We stopped in Provo to pick up Lindsey. We left Becca and Zach at home. It was nice to see everyone. I had a template for the new LM Olson website and reviewed it with Gregg and Gary on Friday and then presented it on Saturday at the Board of Directors meetings. I still need more content from Gregg and Gary but at least we have settled on the look and feel of the web site.

Jeff came home from his mission in Atlanta GA. He looked good. We had to get back to SLC for our flight home so we didn't hear him report on Sunday but Grandma and Grandpa said it was a great report. He is going back to BYU this fall.

Lindsey is doing well. She is finishing up her summer term this week and then she will be moving to another apartment that she has yet to find.

Brother Chris Lee is in IRAQ now. Lia called for me to come over last night to fix a plumbing problem. Zach and I went over and fixed it and then Kyle came over to stay overnight. Zach and Kyle are going biking today. LIa says Ryan is doing well. He has been there eight months now and she thinks this next transfer will make him a trainer.

Brother Faust past away over last Friday. I am sure that you heard
about that. He was a great man and great leader in the church. It will be
interesting to see who gets called into the presidency, but that probably won't be announced until October conference.

Nate was married last weekend. He and Beth are back here this week and they have their reception on Saturday.

Your cousin Brody is coming to live in Virginia. He is going to a Baptist school in Virginia Beach to become a minister in the Baptist church. He will be there for 4 years so we will be able to see him more often. He will be driving through tomorrow night and staying with us for the evening.

Well, I better get off to work this morning.

Love always,


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