Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Ahhhh! this email is terrible. Last week I wrote a pretty long e-mail and then write before i sent it i hit the forward button on the mouse and it got erased (now i know how becca feels) and just now I wrote another long e-mail and then tried to add an address and it got erased! So my communication up to this point has been pretty sketchy but from now on I'm will be sure to write a letter every week. The prep days up to this point have just been hectic. We usually go to the hospital so that the doctor can look at my companions spleens and the between that, laundry, groceries and e-mail 10 o'clock to six o'clock runs out pretty quickly, especially with a dinner or teaching apointment set up during prep day like today we are teaching someone at 4:30. But i need to catch you up on what i've been doing for three weeks. I'll be sure to write a letter every week now that i'm more used to the schedule.

I'm doing great I''ve finally gotten adjusted to waking up at 5:45 every morning(or as adjusted as you can be) we do relaxation breathing excersises at night to make sure we get good sleep (trust me it works). Just take 6 super deep breaths and breathe out slowly through your nose while thinking about something positive, you'll sleep like a baby, or a kitten, i sleep more like a kitten.
(a box of kittens!)

The teaching is going really well our area kind of went though a dry spell the first 2 weeks or so all the investigators we had kind of fell off but the ones we found since being here are just shaping up so we are doing pretty well. Last week we had 6 lessons with a member present and so far this week (2 days) we have already had 7 and the weekly mission standard is 14.

It sounds like you guys are having great time back in old virginia.
That salsa sounds really good and mom Its pretty hilarious that you got jury duty, classic. Oh yah i've only got three minutes left so i'll send this before it gets trashed agains so i'll write more about this later (dad you'll appreciate this) but in our first zone we watched parts of Hoosiers to learn more about unity, it was awesome.

and please forward this again to lindsey but i believe her address is smurffette at but it didn't work last time so hmmm... thats the one you guys keep telling me about. lakljfljf BYE

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We got a letter from your Mission President with a picture enclosed today. It said that you had arrived and were doing well. The picture was of you, your companion (I guess), and the mission president and his wife (I assume). You look great and Becca noticed right off that you were wearing her and Natalie's tie.

Well, you've been in Canada for three weeks now and all we have gotten are a couple of short emails. You keep saying you are writing but we havn't received any letters. Zach did receive his birthday present. It was great of you to think of him.

We celebrated his birthday yesterday, Sunday the 5th and had Mike and LInda come over for dinner. He also opened his presents then. Tonight his actual birthday , Zach, Dad and I are going out to dinner. Becca has a dance practice tonight. Guess what, Becca finally finished her Sophomore year today. She sent off her last English Portfolio. Well she actually has to take the final but that will take a couple of weeks to get here and she is not worried about it. Also on Wednesday we have an appointment at OP to register Zach for High School. Wooo.

I wrote you last week so this week I am emailing you. I don't know if you would rather get emails or letters, let me know.

We are heading out to Wyoming on Thursday for our August meetings. This weekend is always so tiring. We are flying into SLC and driving to Provo to pick up Lindsey, then we are driving to Wyoming. It is going to be a long day. Jeff Beaty just got back from his mission and will be in Rawlins this weekend. If fact he is giving his homecoming talk on Sunday. Unfortunately we will not be able to stay to hear it, as we need to leave early to catch our flight home from SLC.

I have jury duty this month, every Monday. Fortunately I didn't have to go today. I call every Friday evening to see if I have to report on Monday. I won't know until Friday if I have to report next Monday. We'll see.

We went and got peaches on Thursday. We didn't get to pick them we had to buy them already picked. But it was OK. While I was there I was able to buy a half a bushel of fresh tomatoes. Yea! So Zach and I made salsa again this year. We made 24 pints. We made it alot more spicy this time. We put in a Habanara pepper and Jalapeno peppers along with a red hot pepper. It tastes great. It sure is fun to make it with Zach. I'm glad he likes to help me. With the peaches of course I have been eating them everyday. But I also made some more frozen peach pies. So it's been a pretty busy week.

I hope the work is going well with you. I hope your health is good. That you are eating well. I do worry about what you guys eat. I hope to hear from you soon with a very long letter about how everything is going with you and the work.

I love you and pray for you constantly.

Love, Mom

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