Wednesday, August 22, 2007


How is it going? I hope you got my letter from last week by now but if not don't worry I'm going to be getting in the habit of sending one a week from this point on especially now that I bought Canadian stamps.

This is my sixth week in Canada and the last week of my first Transfer. I find out if I am tranfered on monday night, although I probably won't moved because you usually stay with your trainer for two transfers. That is a good thing because I don't want to have to get to know a whole other ward and area already. I just gave a talk on sunday which almost killed me because I didn't have a computer to type it up on and I had to prepare it during my personal study and that was all the time that i had, it was on how charity is the source of a real missionary attitude. It went alright though, this week I am going to be teaching elder's quorum. Out of the 5-6 sundays I have been here I think only two elder's quorum meetings have NOT been taught by us, Its a pretty small branch especially during the summer last week we had 40 people total at church. Between having to teach and speak in church and giving people blessings alot I've already had to learn to overcome alot of nervousness. For some reason people keep asking me to give the actual blessing when a husband or more experienced missionary is around, its kind of frustrating. I had my first kind of "bible bash" session the other day which happens even if you try to avoid it apparently, it was with this crazy pentacostal guy who just kept talking about the gift of tongues.

I'm still trying to balance what I write in my E-mails and letters so I apologize again for being kinda sketchy. I hope to hear from you again next week.

- Love josh.

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