Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sorry, I'm a little late. (which is the story of my life...)

I didn't miss because of transfers but we just ran out of time. One of the members who we became good friends with took us to toronto on wednesday because transfers are next week and one of us will probably be leaving.

This next transfer will be interesting to see what happens- I think I have a really good possibility of getting transfered we will see what happens. I am creeping up on the year mark and still miss you guys like always, it seems like every time I sit down to write a letter by hand I just get it started and then the next week comes by and everything I wrote is a little outdated so you'll have to forgive me.

We've been working incredibly hard but have hit a little dry spell. We keep finding alot of people but everyone is either too busy or has too much opposition in their lives at the moment to meet with us for any period of time. However I've learned alot and we are really hopefull for the next transfer. Even though its been hard work with alot of ups and downs I've really come to realize recently how much I've come to love missionary work, when six o'clock rolls around on wednesday we are always tired but we just can't wait to put our suits on and go back to work.

We've been working with a really great member in the ward who was really struggling to gain a testimony after about 15 years away from the church. We've been meeting with her for the past three months and the difference has been amazing. She began to read over a chapter of the book of mormon every night and came to church consistently. Just a few days ago she told us that she started to really recognize answers to her prayers, and that although she had thought she was done with marriage for the rest of her life she now looking forward to being married in the temple for her and for her children.

One thing that really stuck out to me was how much what she learned in her childhood had mattered to her. She had stopped going to church at around 17 and she had never really enjoyed it, even though she was the stake presidents daughter she was more concerned with her friends and going to parties. Yet after she gained alot of life experience she realized that something really was missing in her life. She struggled to gain a spiritual testimony of the gospel for a long time, yet recently as she has really worked for her answers she began to tell us that she was feeling good about it, and that she remembered how she had felt as a youth, going to the temple and to the sacred grove. Even though she had never really wanted to go and they didn't seem to have an effect on her, many years later she could still recognize those feelings. We had been struggling and praying about how to help her to find her answers. This was the miracle that we had been praying for. Sometimes, you expect to see success in one area but the Lord gives it to you in another.

I hope everything is going well with everyone. If there is one thing I miss its just hanging around with the family- it feels like just yesterday that I left and I'm sure it will be even sooner until I'm home(which is really scary) but until then, thank you for all your prayers and support and I'll try to return the favor. Missionaries sometimes forget where their strength comes from until they remember all the people that are praying for them at home.

Love Elder Olson.

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