Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Good Morning ...

Hmm... i didn't get any e-mail from you guys for two weeks so I hope everyone is doing well. Maybe after mothers day everyone just kind of thought, "well thats enough of josh for this month..." - well you haven't got rid of me yet.

Yesterday, we had zone conference, it was strange because it was in the same place as my first zone conference- so my first and last with president Callister where in the same church. Next transfer is going to be crazy, we will have a brand new mission president and they will be sending in 19 new missionaries.

We are still teaching Susan, she is doing really well and we have a good relationship with her family. She didn't make it out to church this week so she still hasn't been but we'll get her out this week, she is reading the book of mormon almost daily and is starting to makes friends with all the members we bring over we have alot of hope that she will make it to her baptism on june 15th. We also had amazing progress with the wolf family, they asked me to baptize their son Dillan on June 8th. Whenever we went over there he would always hide on the staircase and listen while we talked to luke + sylvia, until he finally got the courage to come out and sit with us a few times. They knew they wanted him to be baptized eventually but the plan was to kind of wait for his dad to have enough time to actually come to church and be baptized as well. But when he got up on his own to bear his testimony last fast sunday they talked about it and he didn't want to wait to be baptized.

Its kind of funny about kids (<--what a ridiculous sentence). As soon as they decide they want to be baptized they start asking everyone around if they've been baptized before or when they are going to be baptized. We were at their house one day and one of their friends walked in and dillain said, "hey jason, have you been baptized before?" We were shocked when his mom told him that he had been baptized before, we looked at each other and thought, "why hadn't we just asked that question?".

Its may up here but its only about 6 degrees i hope its a little more comfortable down there.

Love Elder Josh Olson.

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