Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Another week in Whitby

Every since I moved to my new area time has flown by so quickly, I feel like I've only been here for about two weeks. I had an interesting experience yesterday when I was sitting in a room waiting for my interview with president Callister that happens every 6 weeks and I realized that out of the 8 missionaries who happened to be in the roomat that time I was the 2nd oldest(been out the longest) one. It was kind of lucky that way because obviouslly most missionaries have been out longer than me, but it just made me realize that I am no longer really a new missionary although I still feel like one. It just kind of happens that way, I was talking to a missionary who had only a few transfers left and he said he felt like he was only out for a year. Its absoloutely perplexing.
I found out something interesting the other day. I was talking to one of the elders in my district and he told me he had grown up in highland and lived in American fork. I told him about our relatives up there and it turns out that for the last few years before his mission he had worked at that one random Kohlers in Alpine, UT. The one we always go to when we visit grandma and grandpa warner its an institution. We decided that we had probably seen each other before. That reminds me I wasn't sure if I ever told you that my branch president in the MTC roomed with either uncle Gary or Greg at BYU - his name was president Marriott and he says hello, 9 months later, just in case i hadn't told you.
We are still super excited about the work up here in Whitby, we keep finding new people every week and I'm learning alot every single day. We were able to work with President last weekend and had a great night- were able to teach the plan of salvation to our Iranian investigator Daniel Ghofrani.
Hope everything is going well (Becca's story about her CVS robbery was completely insane) and am going to send some pictures down hopefully this week, I am still taking pictures.
Love Elder Olson

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