Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Man Alive!

I'm sorry about the incomplete postal code the full address is
Elder Joshua Linne Olson
Canada Toronto East Mission
4 Bach Ave.
Whitby, ON L1R 2K5
Whitby is a alot like manassas in its proximity to D.C. it has about 110,000 people in it and it is full of suburbs. It is alot more diverse than my last area but nothing like the actual city of toronto. We are however alot closer to more missionaries. In kingston at first we were only close to one other companionship and the next closest was a 20-30 min. drive. Now there are about 5 within 15 min. and about 6-7 companionships within the 30 min drive. My district, like alot of districts, is made up of two companionships- just the missionaries in whitby. I am as far as life age is concerned the youngest person in my district. Though I've been out 1 transfer longer than my companion the other two elders in my district are at about 20 months.
Right now I feel like time is just flying past and there is never enough time to get anything done. This transfer is already over halfway over. when that happens it will be almost a full 3rd of my mission. Before I know it i'll be out for a year, I wish I could slow it down. It really feels like by the time you get comfortable doing missionary work your mission will be almost over. Yet somehow it seems like its been winter up here forever and that spring will never come! We had a taste of 1 degree whether the other day and we were loving it, it felt like spring. Then the next day it dumped another 10 cms of snow.
The work is amazing up here, we are working super hard and we keep seeing miracles. The persian family that we found in the first few days of the transfer is still coming to church. Two days ago we tracted into a middle aged lady with the flu. When we came back for our apointment she didn't have alot of time but we told her a little about the church and she got super excited and wanted her kids to go to youth night- so that day we got her daughter to go to youth night and she came and was incredibly excited and can't wait to come to church.
I miss you and hope everything is going well.
Love Elder Olson

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