Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fastest Transfer Of My Life

So far this has been the fastest transfer of my mission so far, I imagine they will each seem to go by faster and faster. Some how it seems like moving to a new area and having more to do has just made the time go by so much more quickly. Its pretty scary when you think about it, becasue I still feel like I am a brand new missionary and that I have so much more to learn. It never seems like we can do enough in one week. The work is still going really well, we are finding alot of different people. Tomorrow President Callister is coming to work in our area with us in the evening- hes taking us to dinner at 4:00 and staying until 9:00. Its pretty exciting because he is leaving in June and I wasn't sure if I was going to get the chance to learn directy from seeing him teach, its apparently pretty legendary. Hopefully our apointments go though.
The persian family we are teaching is islamic, though like most persians they don't really practice it or read the qu'ran. Mostly the only one we can really teach is the 16 yr. old son. He has the best command of english but he only can really read out of his farsii bk. of mormon - he is always translating passages of it into english for us. His translation of "Jesus Christ performed the atonment" is , "jesus christ stood up between the living and the dead". We also found a great young family who came to a youth activity and loved it but who didn't make it to church because of a huge snowstorm. That storm was insane- apparently there has been more snow in the toronto area this year than there has been in 50 - 70 years, more than most people can remember up here. We spent the whole morning shoveling for people, then went to do service by shoveling wood shavings for this member's barn, then we went back to work but because of the snow our appointments started to fall through so we were still shoveling everywhere, we shoveled our own driveway 2-3 times and then woke up the next day and shoveled it again.
Everything is great up here, just dieing for spring (how warm is it down there?). I still haven't recieved the letter you sent me a while ago but its glad to hear that everyone is doing well (I can't believe jeff is marrying sis. Piefer)- keep up the good work team. (thunder thunder thunder thunder cats!)
Love Elder Olson

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