Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Everythings going well!

We've been pretty busy this week, getting super excited for general conference! We spent A little bit of preparation day playing hockey with a tennis ball in the gym, because we can't play real hockey- too many missionaries get hurt on ice-skates I guess. The area is really picking up right now we have just recently found alot of new people that we are teaching- it seems like they are all from crazy places. We are teaching a family from nigeria, a lady from zimbabwe, a family from st. lutia in the west indies, a family from bombay in India, another lady from india, another lady who is east indian but is actually from guyana in south america and maybe 1 or 2 canadian folks, and we still see our persian family every once in awhile though they are really busy with school and work right now so they have kind of slowed down.
Recently we have seen so many miracles. We tracted into one of the indian ladies on the first relatively nice day of the year. she opened the door and was dressed completely in white but we could hardly see her because these white curtains were flowing out of the door in the wind. I think my companion and I thought we might have had a hallucination or a vision or something. Then she after we invited her to church she told us she thought it was a miracle that we came by because she was looking for a sunday school for her kids and she usually never answers her door for anybody she doesn't know is coming but this time she just had a feeling that she needed too.
Our zone is doing well, the best in the mission right now and as a zone we set a huge goal for 20 baptisms this transfer (the last 3 transfers we've had 6, 8, and then 9) so our district is working really hard to help our zone to reach that goal.
Hope everythings going well at home. Zach, thats a bummer about those impacted teeth but what can you do- its funny that all of us had them. My fake tooth is doing fine, I named her charlene!
Love Elder Olson

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