Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Stressful Week - Baptism

The last week has been the most stressfull that I have had so far. Planning for our Investigator's baptism almost killed me. Since I had never had to plan one before and neither had my companion and neither had my branch mission leader. Everything in the end turned out alright. Though just the night before we found out that another baptism was being planned at the same time for an eight year old in the other branch even though we had already scheduled the font room. She wasn't certain who she wanted to baptize her until about two days before hand when she asked her previous neighbour who she had grown up around to do it. He was a twenty year old guy who though we had taken with us to apointments before but hadn't been to church in year or so and he was really excited to do it. It was a good service and all the 35+ seats in the font room were taken and people were standing in every other spot and even outside the doors. There is usually a good turnout in the branch since it is a slower area and baptisms are held only about every 6 months at the best. We are working to break that though since we have another investigator with a date for February 10th.
I got Dad's letter with the talks and the article about Mitt Romney, they were all really interesting-. I'm always amazed that Canadians who don't even know who the prime minister of Canada is will know who is running for president. I also really quickly wanted to thank everybody for the gifts this christmas and birthday although I wrote more about those in my letters.
Its actually amazingly warm up here right now for some reason it got up to about 13 degrees today- it felt like spring and most of the snow melted away. Apparently though the worst is still yet to come.
Thanks so much for everything the blog site is really cool ( although in almost all of the pictures of me on there right now I have just about the goofiest smile ever - the one where the eyes almost close). Hope every gets better.
Love Josh.

Elder Olson

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