Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Work, work, work

Hello! I didn't get any e-mails or letters from you this week so I'll just give an update of whats going on in Canada as always. Mostly it is just work as normal- I did recieve a huge banner that says ELDER OLSON in huge letters from the ward's young women that they all signed. I promptly taped it to the wall above my desk- just to make sure that Elder Hatch remembers which desk is mine. Speaking of Elder Hatch- I'm trying to get him to get me a signed tie from Orrin Hatch and an Orrin hatch for President t-shirt, its just so funny that I ended up being companions with Orrin Hatch's grandson, how ironic- I remember spending nights last year with my roomates trying to find a cd of Orrin hatch's songs on the internet because we thought it was hilarious.
Not to much to mention about this week- we just had a really good zone conference and then we were traveled by the assistants again. We get travled by them alot because we are the closest area to the zone leaders. Were working really hard and teaching alot of really good people- I have some really funny stories though that I'm gonna write up in my letters.
Hope everyones doing well.
Love Elder Olson

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