Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year 2008

Everythings going well up here, no changes in companion or area. It always seems like transfer calls come and I always get really excited but then no one ever calls me. It looks like I'm in my first area for the really long haul. Its going to be great when I move to a new area but for now I have alot of work to do here still. For now I'm still with Elder Hatch who is an interesting guy, its interesting the types of people your companions turn out to be. I'm preparing like crazy for a baptism on sunday because our investigator Laura was out of town for Christmas and we weren't able to contact her to make any plans.
It sounds like everyone had a good time over christmas break- I hope you guys ate eggsbrunch, (or egg sprunch or ekSprughetsch however you spell it) I really missed that. I was sitting on Christmas morning in my new pajamas just thinking about it. I was thinking hmm somethings missing - obviously my family, but what else something a little different.
Well my first companion in the mission to leave just left so that was wierd. Elder Brennan went back to england.
I'll be sending a tape soon- I started to make one for christmas but then I realized the novelty might not be so great because I would be talking to you anyway.
Love Josh.

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