Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Elder Olson

It was nice to hear from you this week. It has been snowing for the last few days. Snow is great- when it snows we shovel people at every opportunity its actually kind of a nice break, and they always give us hot chocolate. After awhile you get really really good at shoveling.
The work is going really well up here still learning more every day- except for a few of our strongest investigators we have few people to teach at the moment so we are doing alot of work trying to rebuild the area. We've seen alot of success with the members in the church that we are working with. The 20 year old guy that ended up baptising our investigator has been coming back to church since the baptism so that he can serve a mission.
Oh yah! The dunder mifflin t-shirt was awesome I wear it all the time - to bed and on p-day. I'm serioius when I say I'm writing letters so I'll write some more then.

Love Elder Olson

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