Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Hello! The weeks coming up to christmas have been crazy. We had a huge storm on sunday morning and a ton of snow - I think our car got stuck about 15 times. It came right after we had our big Christmas Devotional were we watched our one movie for the year. This year it was "Luther" all about Martin Luther- it was pretty intense especially after not watching anything for along time.
I loved the christmas package you sent me especially all the pine needles! Christmas is going to be awesome- we already got invited to members homes for christmas eve and christmas day- and there are four missionaries in our branch now so its going to be a blast. I just keep remembering all the christmas eves that we had with the missionaries over and I've just realized how awesome it was to be able to go and eat dinner and just enjoy it. I'm looking forward to be able to call everyone on Christmas we will be calling in the afternoon. I think just after 12:00. And no later than 2:00. If anything changes will have to jump in the library during lunch someday and e-mail but That should be the best time- that way I can hear about all the stuff everyone got for christmas.
So besides being the worst winter in Canada in 15 years things are going really well- the other day it was negative 18 degress celsius. We are doing really well up here. Even after they split the are we have been able to find alot of new people to teach. So I'll be sure to send letters and hopefully a tape for christmas even if I have to express it- I was going to buy gifts but it became too difficult but I might send some a little late becaue p-day is on boxing day this year and thats when they have a ton of good sales.
Got to go a member just called me (we have a cell phone right now) and we need to help him put his suitcases in his car.
Merry Christmas Love Elder Olson.


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