Saturday, March 28, 2009

Calmed down up here a little bit.


So I am pretty jealous that the family is going on a cruise! Especially to the west coast! I've never even been to California, much lest the west coast of Mexico! That sounds really fun, I hope everyone has a good time while they are there. Send me some pictures please... speaking of which I still need to find the time to send you my pictures... Things have calmed down a little bit up here. Although this week my companions and I all got really sick for about 2 days. It started Wednesday morning we all woke up on the way to the gym with sore throats. I took some sudafed and we felt alright until about 10:00. We were messing around in the apartment for a few minutes with the other companionship that lives with us when one of them E. Pauni a 300 poung tongan elder threw a broom lightly at my companion E. Diehl. He blocked it with his hand but the metal top gave him a deep cut right into the palm of his hand and it bled profusely with a lot of fatty particle sticking out. So we bandaged it up and took him to the hospital to get stitches. While we were there I developed a fever and crashed on his hospital bed while he sat on the chair! (he was tired of laying down anyways and had gotten sick earlier and was already getting over it.) After about six hours of waiting (it made up for it because we didn't have to pay for anything with Canada's free medical care), we were able to leave, just in time to go proselyte. The next day we were planning to go on a two-day travel and we woke up and my companion E. Nelson and I were both still running fevers. We took some rest, some medication and gave each other blessings before we left for our travels. It worked and we just got back this morning in time for our meeting with president and I feel a lot better. Right now we are just preparing really quickly for next weeks transfer meeting before we get to go out and work in our area! Hey everyone have a good time and get a lot of sun, its just getting warm enough out here to walk around without a heavy coat! It feels like summer...

Love Elder Joshua Olson

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