Saturday, April 18, 2009

New companion in the office...

Adonde Vas?
Sorry that it has been a few days/weeks since I’ve e-mailed… we’ve just been busy out of our minds again. I’m not even sure what I wrote about last time but my companion E. Nelson went back to the field for his last transfer. He was the last of the two assistants that brought me into the office (both of my last two companions went back to their field for their last transfers so it’s a possibility that I will as well). So now I’m with my companions E. Diehl and I have a new companion E. Earnhardt. You might remember me writing about E. Earnhardt, we were companions over a year ago in Whitby for two transfers when I first got to that area. We enjoyed serving together a lot and I was really excited that when I heard we would be companions again. We had mentioned when we were together before that we thought we would be companions again. So E. Diehl, E. Earnhardt and I are having a blast. We just finished Zone Leader’s Council and the first 2 Zone Conferences of this transfer and it has finally become warm! Last night I was on the bus on a travel with the missionary that I trained, E. Purnell. It was felt really good to see all the progress that he has made on his mission.
Today we had to drive to Brampton, which is just outside of the mission to pick up a few 8x8 foot displays that the P.R. department in Toronto has for our Upcoming Parenting Fireside with Richard and Linda Eyre. We are expecting a big crowd we are hoping to completely fill in the Chapel, overflow and gym in the Don Mills stake center which would seat about 1,300 – 1,500 people. Then the same fireside two days later we are expecting to have 500-700 people as it is further out in the country. In other news President Eyre is gone for the weekend until Monday and guess what he is in Washington D.C. for a Mission President’s conference! So he asked for your phone number and I gave him the Home Phone (703.330.0665) so look for a Call! Everything is going really well up here. we have zone conference on Tuesday so we will be on travels Monday and Tuesday and then we are planning an after zone conference preparation day activity for that Wednesday (it is the first preparation day of the transfer that we have time to take) and we are going to go golfing in the country! Here I found a really good scripture the other day that I really liked – Romans 5:19 – for since by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of man many shall be made righteous. That is a paraphrase that I think is pretty accurate because I just memorized it a few days ago. It is talking about the fall and the atonement but I really like the application that it has for us. The obedience of one person can have a great influence to make those around them obedient. The work is going well! At zone conference this transfer I presented what we call the “State of the Mission” which is where we talk about our mission goals and statistics and though we are behind in our goal of 500 baptisms so far this year. We have picked up a lot since the beginning of the year and are pushing hard to reach 500. Other than that all is well and hopefully nothing crazy happens this weekend while President Eyre is gone!
Love you all!
Elder Joshua Linneʹ Olson

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