Thursday, April 10, 2008

real quick

Hey thanks for all the letters this week, world record hoorah! Sorry I didn't e-mail on wed. I was cleaning all day and we just ran out of time- then the mission office called us to see if we were okay because we didn't send our pres. letters, So I only have a few minutes to say hi. I'm still alive and everythings going well up here still working really hard- we just had a really good district meeting all about how to help every member become a missionary. I am finally getting comfortable planning and runing our weekly district meetings so now I am starting to enjoy them, we have 4 every transfer. In case you were wondering the trick to being a good member missiosnary is just to explain simply the way the gospel blesses our lives and then to invite to church or to activities- really simple and effective. You may have heard Elder Bednar's talk in conference- members our full time finders and missionaries are full time teachers - sometimes we wish it was more like that, we tracted for 4 hours on tues (although thats not alot compared to how much they used to do). Its like summer up her 10 - 12 degrees celsius although it may be getting back down to 5 this week.
Anyway it was amazing to hear from everyone today good luck with the trips, jobs, braces, seminaries, and hefalumps and woozles.

Love Elder Olson

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