Thursday, June 25, 2009

Working Hard.. Feels Great.

Hello family,
This week we have been working working working! And it feels great - its too the point that I am not really worried so much about what we are doing as long as we are working and working hard. We have been focusing a lot in our mission on praying specifically for our investigators and focusing on them in every way, planning for them and teaching prepared lessons to meet their needs. This has been amazing I feel so much more effective in every appointment that we teach whether it is with members, less-actives or investigators. We are no longer just teaching these people to teach them but we are teaching them with a purpose. President Eyre has been inspired in the last little while to make some pretty big changes throughout the mission we no longer make nightly follow-up calls we are more focused on our purpose to invite other to come onto Christ when we speak to them on the street (or in other words we "oym" them which stands for open your mouth) it has been great and I am continuing to learn so much each day. Coming out to Oakville was definitely
... break between emails .....
I was writing that Oakville was a really inspired decision for me because it gave me a lot of new challenges that I honestly hadn't had yet on my mission - working with a few of the missionaries in the district and with the ward and area- its been a fast - paced rewarding experience and I am glad that I will be able to end on a sprint there is more work to be done!!! Love you all and I will call to take care of the C.D. thing today and I will send another E-mail in a week! I love you all and I really appreciate your prayers.
Love Elder Joshua Olson

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